Batik workshop

Pemako regularly organizes workshops in which you can have the first hand opportunity to try the beautiful Batik art. We will together paint with hot beeswax using the traditional tools like the canting and the copper and wooden stamps handmade in Indonesia. We will afterwards dye the painted textiles in natural colors, and boil the fabrics in order to remove the wax and reveal the painted artwork that you can bring home with you.

The workshop generally takes place in two consecutive days, but different arrangements can be made. The event is introduced by a presentation of the Batik technique and history, based on my direct knowledge acquired in Indonesia, and a detailed explanation of the production process, before putting the hands on.
The workshops are open to any kind of participants, from kids to adults and disabled persons; no previous experience in drawing/painting techniques is required.

Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organize a workshop in your location, or subscribe to the Pemako newsletter to get updates about the next programmed workshops.


Following some pictures from the workshop that took place in the "Culture and Education Center" in Kwilcz (Poland), in October 2018, with Marta Kupsch.